1. Dailymotion

Next Media has successfully led Vivendi’s backed Dailymotion’s market penetration into Vietnam and the implementation of its strategy of targeting premium partners with high quality content. As Dailymotion’s strategic partner we have grown the inventory by 458% in the first 9 months as well as significantly boosting revenue. Dailymotion is poised to become a top 3 video platform in Vietnam focusing on four specific verticals: sports, entertainment, music, and publishers. If you are looking for an alternative platform that isn’t littered with UGC content, join us on Dailymotion today.

2. Facebook

Next Media leads Facebook’s sport initiative in Vietnam with 15,000,000 active followers, 13 top sports fan pages, and over 1000+ hours of content. Currently, Next Media is the exclusive media partner of various sports federations including the Vietnamese Football Federation, Volleyball Federation, and Tennis Federation as well as manage and produce digital content for many of the top professional clubs in Vietnam.

We have experience in building fan pages and content for KOLs, athletes, football teams, and content creator with the purpose of monetizing through video ads as well as brand sponsorship. Our strength lies in sports and building communities, but we have expand quickly into entertainment. Come and become a part of our team on Facebook.

3. Youtube

Youtube sports channels under Next Media’s management have garnered tremendous accolades: Vietnam Football Federation is ranked #1 in Asia and has broken streaming records with nearly 1 million concurrent viewers; Next Sports have several livestream matches with +1.5 million CCU; and we manage some of the top sports channels in the region.

– Hoang Anh Gia Lai #1 football club channel in Asia and #7 in the world with over 6 million views –Hanoi FC #3 football club channel in Asia with over 5 million views Our presence on the ultra-popular video streaming platform expands beyond the world of sports. We partner with some of the largest TV networks in Vietnam as well as possess a vast network of KOLs, singers, and content creators. Next Media is constantly on the lookout for new partners with innovative and exciting content to match with our network of sponsors and advertisers.